Welcome To Wahyu Tanjung Puting Tour And Trip

Tanjung puting is Camp Leakey, the orangutans preservation. The camp was founded in 1971 as a haven for orangutans rescued from domestic capture.Today the camp remains a center of research of these amazing animals. Learn more about orangutans at the Camp Leakey information center. The daily feedings of wild orangutans will be the highlight of your visit as you will most likely get to see wild orangutans up close in their natural habitat. Tanjung Puting National Park is located in the Kumai district of west Kotawaringin and Sembuluh and seruyan Hilir district of east Kotawaringin, Central Kaliamantan Province. It covers an area of 415.040.ha and includes several types of vegetation. It is an important conservation area because it preserves the endangered species of Orangutan (Pongo Pygmeus) known to live on only two islands: Sumatra and Borneo of Indonesia. Other species of primates and many other types of wildlife also inhabit the park.
The park is the largest tropical lowland rainforest protected area in central Kalimantan. It has very complex flora and fauna, affected by an equatorial climate with maximum and minimum temperature ranging from 18-20°C low to 31-33°C high. Rain fall is 2,000 to 3,000 mm per year; dry season occurs in July to September. The six types of vegetation found in the park are: Dry land Dipterocarpus forest; Peripherial mixed swampy forest; Shore blangeran forest; Keranggas forest; Costal mangrove forest; and Secondary forest.

The park is occupied by 38 mammals including 9 primates: which are the bOrangutan, Proboscis monkey, Long tail macaque, Pig tail maccaque, Gibbon, Leaf monkey, Slow loris, Tarsius, and ?. There are also deer, clouded leopard, dolphin, dugong, 150 species of fish, 200 species of birds, orchids, many reptiles and amphibians including fresh-water crocodiles, and over 450 insect species.